15 questions and two 3 to 5 page infosearches.

15 questions and two 3 to 5 page infosearches..

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I am an accounting major, seeking a bachelors of science in accounting and masters of science in taxation. Id like a position in entry-level tax. I will be a candidate for cpa exam. so make sure everything is related to accounting and tax. first part is 15 questions, and the second part is calling 2 companies and asking those questions and writing a paper for each. I am in Illinois. my professor will be calling and verifying with the companies. everything needed is in instructions below.

Infosearch – Conduct two infosearches and prepare two infosearch reports as described below.Essentially, “infosearching” or “information interviewing”, is conducting an interview to gain information relative to your career.The purpose of an infosearch is to collect information – not to obtain a job – about career paths and related job skills and rewards, while expanding your professional contact network.However, an infosearch may lead to a job interview in the future.

  • Select two contacts with experience in the accounting field (you may not use NIU professors).Based upon your specific background and career objectives, develop a list of 10 to 15 questions to ask during each infosearch (you may ask different questions in each infosearch).Then, conduct an actual infosearch using your questions as a guide.The infosearch should last approximately 20-30 minutes and may be conducted in person or over the phone.Follow up your infosearch with a letter of appreciation to your infosearch contact.
  • Prepare two three-to-five page infosearch reports (one for each infosearch).The reports should include:
  • Contact name, employer, title, & phone number (contacts will be called & verified).
  • Information obtained (you may wish to list your questions and the answers to your questions).
  • How the information will help/impact your career decision.
  • Copy of thank you letter.

15 questions and two 3 to 5 page infosearches.

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