2-3 page paper

2-3 page paper.

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Historical Fiction

Objective: to engage students creative and innovative thinking, while applying real world knowledge.


  1. Using one of the primary sources LINKS BELOW , determine what class theme covered in class (global connections, gender roles, power and authority, culture and identity–including religion, and social hierarchy) this source would most apply to.
  2. Then, by adopting the voice of the author of the source, rewrite a scenario in the perspective of the author that comments further on the theme.


  • Should be 2-3 pages, 12-point font, double spaced, pdf or docx format
  • To receive full credit must accurately capture the perspective and historical context brought up by the source.

Examples (these are just examples and ideas, any assigned source is an option!)

  • Early World: If your source is Ban Zhao or The Analects of Women, imagine what additional advice she might give to someone who has questions about gender relations during Han China. Your imaginary Ban Zhao or Song Ruozhao may come across sarcastic about the role of women or provides advice to men to treat women more equally. She could even be writing a memoir claiming that what she had written previously was just garbage for the Emperor or Empress and that her beliefs were otherwise (going point by point).
  • Modern World: You could choose to write a response from Queen Victoria to Commissioner Lin.
  • Early Western Civ: You could choose to rewrite Pericles’ Funeral Oration to discuss how great Athenian women are and they should be publicly praised, etc.
  • Modern Western Civ: You may choose to write about Mrs. Beeton, taking the viewpoint that she thought her previous work was all garbage and she thinks sitting around the house is boring. What else would she do? What would men do?








2-3 page paper

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