2 Activity Paper 1 1/2 Page Each and 4 Discussion Questions (NO COVER PAGE)

2 Activity Paper 1 1/2 Page Each and 4 Discussion Questions (NO COVER PAGE).

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Address the following items Facts of the Case, issues, decisions, reasoning for the decision. Support your findings with one professional source. (1 1/2 Pages)

Paper# 2 The American court system has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. Write a (1 1/2 Page), about three proactive approaches to dealing with juveniles and divert them out of the court system. Support your position with one professional source written within the last three to five years.

Discussion Questions

1.Research and evaluate circumstances of mass damage (natural disasters or terrorist attacks). What do you think is currently missing from our response? How can communication and information be streamlined in a way that is superior to the current approach when disasters occur? (RESPOND IN 2 PARAGRAPHS)

2.Should there be a juvenile justice system, or should juveniles who commit serious crimes be treated as adults, and the others handled by social welfare agencies? Explain your answer. (1 Paragraph)

3.Think of your workplace or school. Visualize your common everyday surroundings. Now imagine you hear a loud commotion and gunshots. What do you do? Do you know the quickest exit? Is there a place you can hide where you know that no none will find you? Do you have access to any weapons? If not, do you have anything you can use as a weapon (kitchen knife, letter open, etc.)? Brainstorm with one another. Tell everyone what you think you would do in this situation. When responding to your peers give them some advice and tell them what you may do differently and why.

4. Explore national statistics regarding human trafficking as it is reported to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC). This information is available at https://humantraffickinghotline.org/states.

Next, look at the same statistics specific to your home state using the search box on the right-hand side of the page. How does human trafficking in your state compare to how it looks at the national level?

Next, consider the statistics regarding human trafficking in both your home state and across the nation in comparison to Texas.

2 Activity Paper 1 1/2 Page Each and 4 Discussion Questions (NO COVER PAGE)

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