2 case study

2 case study.

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Case study 1

After Shayna calls the police, they find Bruce walking around the park. They take him to the hospital, because he seems to be disoriented and is exhibiting signs of memory loss. Blood tests show no drugs or alcohol in his system, leading Dr. Ramsey to think of possible lesions in the brain. Due to his clear disorientation, the police take him to the hospital. At 49 years old, he’s young for dementia or Alzheimer’s. The doctor sends Bruce to get an fMRI done.

Answer questions.

Our ability to think starts with the biological actions in our brain. What areas of the brain might cause disorientation or memory loss? What other problems could occur in a brain that might cause these symptoms?

Briefly describe (using no more than 75 words) cognitive psychology theory and how it is currently relevant. Include a link to a video, website or article the talks about the theory. Feel free to use a hashtag, such as the name of the theory.

Case study 2

Christy and her friends wonder how to do the research needed to prove their idea would work. They’re just undergraduate students; how can they do research? And with their resources, how can they compete with a significant company? Christy suggests they talk to her research methods professor, Dr. Davis. Later that night, she calls her to ask if they can meet with her.

“I’m happy to mentor you,” Dr. Davis says. “We need to think through the design. Research is a process, not a magical solution. The design determines a great deal about how valid your answers are.”

“I remember a bit from class,” Christy says. “But what do we do first?”

“Let’s talk about your hypothesis and your variables,” Dr. Davis says.

Anwar questions

What aspects of the research process have they already completed? What steps will they need to do?Create a main idea that both articles support. Include evidence from both articles. Connect the evidence back to the main idea


Option 3: Retraction

Choose two articles to read and create two main ideas; one that both articles support, and one that shows the difference between the two articles. Identify which theories or concepts each author used

2 case study

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