2 Page Case Study

2 Page Case Study.

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Case in Question: Caterpillar Case
Question: The are three questions reported in the document below (see page 17) — pick up the one (JUST ONE) you prefer and address it.

You should produce a two-page Word document that addresses the fundamental problem or question stated in the case. Documents should be written in font Times New Roman, font size 12pt, 1.5 lines spacing, and margins of 1 inch all around

I have provided examples of the previous case studies and their respective case write ups that I did, kindly refer to them:
1) IDEO Case (1.0 &1.1) – IDEO Case Writeup
2)Timberland Case – Timberland Case Discussion
3)Building Watson Case – Building Watson Case Writeup

Reminder: The case in question is the Caterpillar Case

2 Page Case Study

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