2 reading reflections

2 reading reflections.

I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

First paper is called an individual reflection, its 500-750 words, double spaced apa style. The paper is on a reflection of my project throughout the quarter and my projects was about authenticity. You can write your own way of a reflection but I will add here somethings that might help with how the reflection goes:

1. When I first got assigned the project of authenticity as a whole, I was hesitant about it.

2. But then my teammates and I started talking about authenticity and I was intrigued

3. Later on we set up a table on campus and we started talking to people about authenticity and I enjoyed the answers people were giving for the questions we had

4. I started to really enjoy the idea of authenticity and what it means

5. I started to think about my own authenticity and ways I can be more authentic.

The second paper is also a reflection paper 500-750 words APA style called Daily Practice. The paper is about practicing something from 5-50 days and see the process and result. You can choose anything that you feel like could fit or simply playing the guitar. thats all 🙂 They are due tomorrow at 9pm LA time. if that works with you please let me know

2 reading reflections

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