2004 Dover Trail – Judgment Dat Transcript

2004 Dover Trail – Judgment Dat Transcript.

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In this module, you will apply your understanding of the scientific method, critical thinking, rationality and reflective judgment to a real-world event depicted in a documentary on the 2004 Dover, PA court case regarding the teaching of creationism in a public middle school. You will acquire a better understanding of scientific theories and hypotheses and how science differs from other approaches to the natural world.


STEP 1: To successfully complete this learning unit, watch this episode (in its entirety) from the NOVA series: Judgment Day Video

Or you can read the transcript here: Judgment Day Transcript

STEP 2: Write a 250-350 word (maximum) brief report on the Dover PA case. In your brief report, address all 3 issues below.

Make sure to refer to information presented throughout the video, that is, your report should make clear that you watched the entire video.


This is a Brief Report, not an essay so please address each question directly– you do not need to include introductory information, etc.

Make sure to address all three of the questionsas posed. Recall that an essential first step in critical thinking is identifying and clarifying the question and then addressing it. Doing this will serve you very well in the future. For example, if an employer asks you for a report on a particular issue, or asks you a particular question in a job interview, it is essential that you actually answer the question as posed.

Producing a beautiful answer that does not actually address the questions as posed is a common error that college students make. Please keep this in mind as you are responding to the following questions:

1. Cite evidence of pre-reflective and reflective judgment as they were expressed by the participants in the Dover trial.

2. Briefly describe what the central issue in the case was and the Judge’s ruling and why he ruled as he did.

3. Identify likely examples of cognitive dissonance experienced by the participants in the Dover trial and also how they may have resolved their dissonance.

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2004 Dover Trail – Judgment Dat Transcript

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