3 Stages of Memory

3 Stages of Memory.

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Writing Requirements

  1. 12 point Times New Roman Font
  2. Double Spaced
  3. Minimum of 500 words in length
  4. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation DO count (so use spell/grammar check)
    1. Sensory Memory
      1. Which two types of sensory memory does the book mention (what type of information do they process)
      2. How long do they hold information for
      3. How do both types work
    2. Working Memory (and Short-Term – STM)
      1. What’s the duration of Short-Term Memory
      2. How can you keep information in Short-Term Memory longer
      3. What is Working Memory
        1. Explain the major components of working memory and how it operates
        2. Ensure to explain how it interacts with Sensory and Long-Term Memory
    3. Long-Term Memory (LTM)
      1. How long can memory reside in LTM
      2. What types of memories are stored in LTM
        1. Provide examples from your narrative
      3. Describe amnesia and the various brain structures associated with it
      4. Make sure that you discuss whether or not memories are replicas of events or recreations

3 Stages of Memory

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