300 word paper on behaviors discussed by Haidt

300 word paper on behaviors discussed by Haidt.

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This week we explored ideas like truth and free speech. Haidt and Lukianoff discussed how, in an effort to create a better society, students are “trained…in thinking styles that will damage their careers and friendships along with their mental health.”

For your journal entry this week, discuss a situation at work, home, school, or while relaxing when you witnessed yourself or someone engaging in the behaviors discussed by Haidt, including labeling, magnification, catastrophizing, or emotional reasoning. How does this self-reflection help us become better critical thinkers and abet our role in the creation of a better society?

Operational Assignment Details:

Each journal entry should be a minimum of 300 words. Your journal entry narrative is subjective and can be written in the first person. Citations are not required, but the inclusion of the assigned reading articles is strongly encouraged. Be sure to proofread your entry and use the Grammarly app before posting.

300 word paper on behaviors discussed by Haidt

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