4-Page Essay

4-Page Essay.

I’m studying and need help with a Article Writing question to help me learn.

Please read the PDF first, and you will know the requirements for this essay. And I already chose the chapter 4 to write, so you also need to read chapter 4, IV – The Illusion of Happiness, then write this essay.

This is my thesis statement:

Hedges’s argument that happiness illusion is artificially created to escape reality is convincing. Because he exemplified how the company artificially created the illusion of happiness for employees, thereby achieving its own profit, but doing so also fosters the idea of loneliness and self-deception, escaping The problem in reality.

And this is my teacher’s suggest:

The chapter in the book is the “Illusion of Happiness”–you need to focus on one particular argument in this chapter. You need to clearly state the argument and why you believe it is effective–what Hedges does in his writing, how he crafts his argument that makes it successful.

Please follow the teacher’s suggestion to fix the statement, and write this essay.

Thank you so much!

4-Page Essay

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