4 part process risk managment

4 part process risk managment.

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Risk Management: Four Part Process (Part 2 and 3)

PART 1: (DUE BY November 24th)

You will use the table feature inside the bar to help organize your thoughts with this portion of the assignment and so others will be able to understand it properly.

You will use Table 8.1 on page 151 to help setup this table. You will use information starting on page 150-151 to help work through each step of this table for your topic. These four basic steps will help determine the risks to the organization, prioritize them, and address the in terms of your risk management strategy.

Once you have designed your working table for your sports and recreational leisure activity, you will move on to part 3.

PART 3: (DUE BY November 24th)

You will go through 5 different people’s working table and give one piece of advice for change and explain why OR give one piece of advice that they should add and why. THERE ARE NO DUPLICATES ON ADVICE OF ANY KIND FOR EACH WORKING TABLE- OR NO CREDIT! Read through others advice in order to avoid this.

You will need to go to cn connect. com to login and view the others tables so you can comment on them. Here is the infor

Username- jboatman

Password-eagles 1

You will then click on the discussion tab and you will see all the others stuff.

4 part process risk managment

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