6-2 Activity: Policy Impact

6-2 Activity: Policy Impact.

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Overview: The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to use proper communication skills to relay information reliably. In this activity, you will

communicate a new directive using verbal communication.

Prompt: For this activity, imagine that you have a completed a SWOT analysis and have determined there is an opportunity to receive funding for your criminal

justice agency. In order to meet the requirements for funding, your agency must use a new piece of hardware. You must compose a one-minute audio

transmission informing members of your criminal justice organization of the directive amendment. In your audio recording, you do not have to explain the

technical intricacies of, for example, how to use an electronic ticket writer to members of your organization; instead, you must explain to members of your

agency why the change was made and motivate them to be adaptable to change.

Be clear in your recorded message to your subordinates. Explain the need for this new policy and how it was developed. Finally , list reasons why this policy

change is a positive change that will promote organizational success.

You may use the free recording and editing software Audacity to record your message in MP3 format. Help with Audacity can be found in the tutorial here.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

 Records a message that clearly explains need for new policy and how it was developed

 Message explains reasons for policy change

 Message retains positive tone and promotes organizational success

Guidelines for Submission: Your audio recording should be approximately 1 to 1 ó minutes in length. You should submit your recording in MP3 format.

6-2 Activity: Policy Impact

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