8.3 – Submit Research Paper (PLG1)

8.3 – Submit Research Paper (PLG1).

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This is a scholarly research paper on a topic related to the course (which 5 pages of it are already written). Conform to the format and style guidelines of the current Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The proper use of references and citations adds credibility to your paper and influences your grade. What you need to do is fix the abstract which needs to be between 150-250 words and it currently is at 127 words. Also, please and an additional 4-5 pages of content to the already written paper and add another 3-4 references. All of it needs to be in a word document and APA format. Attached below is the already written paper. An question you have please let me know. If you want you can add headings an sub heading to the paper.

8.3 – Submit Research Paper (PLG1)

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