80s Read-More-About-It Assignment

80s Read-More-About-It Assignment.

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Convince your classmates that they should read a particular book about the 80s. Remember, you are not just saying a book is your favorite or that it’s a great read. You must argue how the book is a good supplement to the National Geographic programs.

The Assignment:

  • Choose a book from those posted in Assignments. One student per book, please.
  • Prepare a visual (PowerPoint) presentation.
  • No more than 8 slides:
    • Title slide with title of book and your name
    • Claim
    • 2 specific examples from the book to support your claim — if you quote, you will need to provide a works cited slide
    • Conclusion to support claim
  • Be sure that you consider the objectives of the course and your classmates as the intended audience. Then your argument should show how your recommended book is a good or poor supplement.


80s Read-More-About-It Assignment

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