A strategic plan for FEMA Region 4

Background: FEMA consists of ten regions in the continental United States and territories. These regional offices manage, operate, and maintain all delegated programs, functions, and activities not managed, operated, or maintained by headquarters organizational units. The FEMA Regional Offices serve as the primary organizational unit for the liaison to states and local governments within each region and non-governmental and private sector entities within each Regional Office’s geographical area.
. Develop a strategic plan for FEMA Region 4 (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee). Its headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.
– Conduct a detailed research and a critical assessment of FEMA region 4.
– Develop a basic FEMA regional 4 strategic plan considering specific geographic threats and natural –hazards such as earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, flooding, etc., and technical hazards such as nuclear radiation, dam failures, cybersecurity, terrorism, etc. to reflect that FEMA’s regional mission.
• Develop the mission, vision and value statements, and long-term goals and objectives, the strategies to achieve each goal and long-term performance measures to evaluate the progress.

• Identify FEMA Region 4’s regional strategic planning priorities, stakeholders, and partners.

• Describe FEMA region 4’s strategic plan as it pertains to addressing natural threats and technical hazards.

• Recommend available opportunities to expand partnerships with those working towards the same strategic goals.
The goal of the strategic planning process is to ensure everyone is aligned when it comes to small business’s goals and objectives, to create a formal strategic plan document. /0x4*

The paper should include the following:
• The paper needs to be eight pages which do not include a cover page, photographs, reference page, or other inserts.

• Provide an introduction of FEMA region 4’s and inform the reader about the main topics to be covered, and a brief overview of the FEMA Region organization and its role in DHS.

• Conclusions and recommendations.

• Reference page at the end with eight sources that must be cited using APA 7th edition format.
• .
• Use course materials, carefully cite your information, and ensure that the paper is plausible.•

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