Strategic challenges essay

Paper details ; Why does China still pose strategic challenges on global governance even though Chinese power will not surpass U.S. power anytime soon? (b) Comparing the three periods of 1991–2000, 2001–2008, and 2009–2014, how has China’s foreign policy changed among these three periods of time?
If you advise the President of the United States, what would you advise? Your assignment is to recommend a policy to achieve greater peace and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific regions. You are asked to develop recommendations that will prove feasible in the contexts of both the region’s international relations and each country’s domestic politics. Also, your recommendations will have to serve for the country you are advising to benefit from the current global economy. Whatever argument and recommendations you make, you must support your argument with logical explanation and empirical evidence referring to the course materials (i.e., readings and lectures).

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