Paper details; Abstract question: Does weightlifting improve metabolism in women ages 21-35? Directions: Identify the type of analysis that will be utilized for your study and describe why this analysis is appropriate (write 1-2 sentences). Write 1-2 sentences to describe the type analysis you will use for this study. Write 2-3 sentences explaining why this is the appropriate analysis for your study.

Include the following points in your assignment and the following the headings (each heading only needs to be written once, ie Purpose): Include your research question (Heading-Purpose) Describe why your topic is important (Heading-Purpose) Describe gaps in the literature (Heading-Purpose) Identify the appropriate study design for your research question (Heading-Study Design) Describe why this study design is appropriate (Heading-Study Design) Identify the sample (Heading-Sample) Why is this the appropriate sample (Heading-Sample) Describe your analysis for your research question. (Heading-Analysis)

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