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Project and Final Exam

Data Analytics Semester Project – KAT Insurance


  1. All of your responses to the questions need to be included in the pdf or word document!
  2. You need to include the numbers to support your answer.
  3. Whenever you use the words “contribution margin” you need to specify if “total”, “per unit (and what is that unit), or “ratio”.
  4. I strongly suggest you use tables, bullet points, and charts to support your answers rather than a paragraph.
  5. Your conclusions need to be in complete sentences supported by the tables, bullet points, and charts.
  6. Remember 25% of your grade is from the final question when tell me how your responses in all the other questions relate to one another to form a “take-away” picture.
  7. Yes, you need to use dollar signs and commas in your tables and discussions in your word doc (okay if not in pivot tables)
  8. Your responses to the questions need to be on a Word or PDF file separate from the excel file. Make sure your name is on that word/pdf file so if printed you are identified with the document.

Final Exam

This week we will have the final exam. This exam will open on Thursday 12/5 and is due Sunday 12/8 at 11:59pm


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