Action Plan SF003

Action Plan SF003.

I’m working on a Statistics question and need guidance to help me study.

i just need the action plan completed?

You will need to complete the attached MBA Action Plan for both SF003 & SF004 (2 separate Action Plans) for each learning objective you need to revise in each competency.

Feedback from professor

Learning Objective 3.2: Determine a company’s investment in accounts receivable.:


Determination of average sales per day is computed incorrectly. Determination of company’s investment in accounts receivable is inaccurate and/or incomplete.

Additional Comments: Use the correct input for average collection period in formula. Check math for Daily Sales.

, item 3.2 in the rubric on Investment in Accounts Receivable is incorrect. It is primarily caused by wrong input for Average Collection Period and math for (Annual Sales/365). Redo and check with tutor.

13 hours ago

mba_action_plan_2019_template_v2.0.docx– The action plan template

sf003_s_cobia.docx The original document that was incorrect, i copied the feedback from the professor

actionplansf003_s_c This is the corrected document

Action Plan SF003

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