Action Research Final Paper

Action Research Final Paper.

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Long story short, I’ve been working on an action research regarding “Importance of UX UI Design in e-Commerce”. At the same time, I’ve been doing an internship at a company. The company is an e-commerce company and I’m designing their website from scratch to increase their traffic and convert it into sales. In order to do that, I implement UX UI design practices to the website. I’ve provided an example that you can check to write the paper and also 4 iterations that you need to follow. Please check the requirements below.

  • Title Page (1 page separate from other pages)
  • Table of Contents (pages as needed and separate from other pages)
  • List of Tables, Figures and Appendices (pages as needed and separate from other pages)
  • Introduction (pages as needed)
    • A background of the research or sponsoring organization, for the work-integrated learning projects,
    • A description what you intend to do (purpose),
    • A clear description of the situation/problem that you intend to improve with your research,
  • Methodology (pages as needed)
  • Literature Review (pages as needed)
  • Proposal (pages as needed)
  • Four iterations of research (minimum) (pages as needed)
  • Summary of learning (pages as needed)
  • References (minimum of thirteen (13) peer-reviewed, professional references)
  • Appendices (if applicable) (pages as needed and separate from other pages)

Action Research Final Paper

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