Advice from Dear Sugar Part 3

Advice from Dear Sugar Part 3.

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read the last third of Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed (a.k.a., “Dear Sugar”)…, and you should have somewhat solidified your opinion of how reliable or trustworthy she is as an advice columnist. For your initial post this week, select one of the letters listed below to analyze and/or discuss:

  • The Ghost Ship That Didn’t Carry Us, pp. 241-248 *Your Invisible Inner Terrible Someone, pp. 249-252 *Waiting by the Phone, pp. 253-256 *We Are All Savages Inside, pp. 257-263 *The Lusty Broad, pp. 264-267 *The Bad Things You Did, pp. 268-273 *Bend, pp. 274-276 *The Obliterated Place, pp. 277-286 *A Bit of Sully in Your Sweet, pp. 289-298 *We Are Here to Build the House, pp. 299-303 *The Empty Bowl, pp. 304-311 *Transcend, pp. 312-316 *A Shimmering Slice of Your Mysterious Destiny, pp. 317-319 * The Ordinary Miraculous, pp. 320-323 *We Call This a Clusterfuck, pp. 324-334 * Are You My Mother?, pp. 335-337 *Ten Angry Boys, pp. 338-349 *Tiny Beautiful Things, pp. 350-353

Explain whether or not you think that the advice Strayed gave to the letter-writer was good advice. What did she say that was correct? Incorrect? What about her message to the writer was appropriate or inappropriate? Did she cover all of the concerns or issues that the writer had? What else could she have said? What advice would you have given that would differ from what Strayed gave? These kinds of questions could prove to be helpful in writing your final exam impromptu/timed essay.

Remember, as always, that picking one of the very short responses that she gave does not necessarily mean that your post will be easier to write. Your initial post should probably be at least 5-7 sentences long–a good, solid paragraph.

Please be sure to include the title of the letter/response in your Initial Post so that your classmates and I will have an easier time discerning which one you’ve chosen to discuss.

Advice from Dear Sugar Part 3

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