Advice from Dear Sugar

Advice from Dear Sugar.

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You’ve read the first third or so of Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed (a.k.a., “Dear Sugar”), and you should already be forming an opinion of how reliable or trustworthy she is as an advice columnist. For your initial post this week, select one of the letters listed below to analyze and/or discuss:

  • Like an Iron Bell, pp. 13-18
  • How You Get Unstuck, pp. 19-30
  • That Ecstatic Parade, pp. 31-36
  • A Motorcycle with No One on It, pp. 37-38
  • The Reckoning, pp. 39-47
  • There’s a Bundle on Your Head, pp. 48-52
  • Write Like a Motherfucker, pp. 53-60
  • A New, More Fractured Light, pp. 61-63
  • Dudes in the Woods, pp. 64-72
  • Icky Thoughts Turn Me On, pp. 73-77
  • Reach, pp. 78-86
  • The Baby Bird, pp. 89-91
  • Go! Go! Go!, pp. 92-93
  • The Black Arc of It, pp. 94-99
  • Hell Is Other People’s Boyfriends, pp. 100-103
  • Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, pp. 104-109
  • The Woman Hanging on the End of the Line, pp. 110-114
  • No Mystery about Sperm, pp. 115-123

Explain whether or not you think that the advice Strayed gave to the letter-writer was good advice. What did she say that was correct? Incorrect? What about her message to the writer was appropriate or inappropriate? Did she cover all of the concerns or issues that the writer had? What else could she have said? What advice would you have given that would differ from what Strayed gave?

Advice from Dear Sugar

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