Agile Project management essays

Agile Project management essays.

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Essay number one:

In the class we learned the Agile Project Management (APM) and Scrum. Please detail all of the ceremonies in both APM and Scrum, what happens in each ceremony, what if any artifacts are produced, who are the main players in each process (scrum and APM) . Please make sure you detail both Scrum and APM. Please also provide an example company that uses Scrum and how they practice it, no need to do APM, and their success.

Essay number two:

In Agile, we discussed items such as transparency, self-organizing, ability to fail and continuous improvement. Please pick two public examples of companies that exemplify companies that are getting the most from agile and how they have positioned agile to increase the effectiveness of their firms.

Please ensure 400-450words per essay, follow APA, and show references.

Agile Project management essays

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