AHS 7615 week 3 discussion

AHS 7615 week 3 discussion.

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How does the ‘Caring Community’ Model differ from the ‘Service-Organization’ Model? Please provide an example of a ‘service’ community organization, and an example of a ‘caring’ community organization. Please describe their characteristics.


Read Chapters 2, 3, & 11-13 in this course text: Serving Those in Need: A Handbook for Managing Faith-Based Human Service


Holistic Faith-Based Development: Toward a Conceptual Framework

By: John M. Wallace, Jr., Ph.D. – University of Pittsburgh, Valerie L. Myers, Ph.D. – University of Michigan, & Jim Holley, Ph.D. – The Historic Little Rock, Missionary Baptist Church

Faith-Based Community Economic Development – Principles and Practices

This article discusses the principles and best practices of faith-based community economic development.
By: T. David Reese & Christina A. Clamp, Ph.D.

Faith-Based Organizations In Community Development

This article discusses the role of faith-based organizations in community development.
By: The Urban Institute & Avis C. Vidal, 2001.

Connections Between Faith Communities and Their Non-profits

By: Jo Anne Schneider, Katie Day, & Gwynneth Anderson, 2005.

Organizing Faith-Based Services

This article explores the ways that different religious groups organize social support systems for themselves and others.
By: Jo Anne Schneider, George Washington Institute of Pubic Policy

Faith & Organizations Project (Links to an external site.)

This website includes links to reports that outline how different faith communities can maintain connections with their nonprofits.

Empirical Evidence on Faith-Based Organizations in an Era of Welfare Reform

This article analyzes the characteristics of clients who seek and receive help from faith-based organizations, particularly focusing on how exposure to the effects of welfare reform affects help seeking behaviors and the receipt of help.
By: David A. Reingold – Indiana University–Bloomington, Maureen Pirog – Indiana University–Bloomington, & David Brady – Duke University, 2007.

AHS 7615 week 3 discussion

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