American government e2 book report

American government e2 book report.

I’m studying for my Political Science class and need an explanation.

read the book American Government e2 chapter 2&3 to write 2 essays to answer two questions.(i’m also helping my classmate n past this question, so u have to write 2 essays for each question. total will be 4 essays.)

so answer the questions below (each in 1 page double spaced minimum) – there will be a total of 4 essays (2 for me and 2 for my friend) – but make them different! link: (chapter 2) (chapter 3)

2.What to do:

  • Read the chapters in their entirety, take notes or annotate if that helps you
  • Read the questions, make sure you understand them and the concepts indicated before attempting a response.
  • Find real world example(s) (e.g. web search) to use in your response, this shows me you can understand the concept enough to apply Please quote/cite properly.
  • You should be writing at least half a page per response. No penalty for writing more
  • 12 point font, double spaced
  • Grading will be based on your responses and whether they reflect that you did the reading, whether you understood it properly and showed understanding through application of examples.

3.chapter questions:

Chapter 2 Question (10 points) (minimum 250 words):

According to the text, how do you make an amendment to the Constitution? Do you agree with the level of difficulty it takes to amend? Why or why not? In your view, what is the most important amendment to the Constitution and why? Give examples.

Chapter 3 Question (minimum 250 words)

Pick a political issue that has federalism vs states rights as a controversy e.g. marijuana legalization, abortion, gay rights, immigration, etc. Do you think it’s best to decide these issues nationally/federally or state by state and why? What is one potential disadvantage of the answer you chose. Ex: if you chose to argue for national legalization of marijuana, what’s a potential problem with that? If you said marijuana should be legalized state by state, what’s a challenge with that?

American government e2 book report

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