AMS 21 Objects in Everyday Lives

AMS 21 Objects in Everyday Lives.

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You are the Carl Sagan of your time!

For your final project, you will imagine that NASA has contacted you and asked you to spearhead a project to be placed on board an outgoing spacecraft. Like the Voyager, it will be rocketed into interstellar space for all time. Like the Golden Record, the project is intended to convey a message to any intelligent extraterrestrial being(s) that should encounter it. And like the Golden Record, humans form a secondary (or maybe primary) audience.

Your task is to decide the following:

  • What form will your artifact take? What materials and format will it have? What will it look like? Consider that it should endure space flight, and should be able to serve its purpose for thousands of years. Consider, too, any materials required to make it functional (i.e. a phonograph player for a record). Finally, consider any symbolic meaning embedded in the artifact itself.
  • What message do you want to send? What are the important elements of human experience that you think need to be transmitted? Why are they the important elements to include?

* What are the contents? What will you include that will convey the important elements of human life (and what do they convey)? (Consider what the Golden Record included and what it left out, and what you think such a thing should include.) BE SPECIFIC!

Your write up should be five pages, double-spaced. For this assignment, you should make an explicit connection between your analysis and one course text.

AMS 21 Objects in Everyday Lives

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