An essay about dream job

An essay about dream job.

I need support with this English question so I can learn better.


Below I will attach a first draft of an essay, your job is to add more details and make it longer. I want it to be 3 pages essay.

The essay structure:

Paragraph1: Define the job. Define the duties. Job is Adj1 and Adj2

Paragraph 2: Adj1

Paragraph 3: Adj2

Paragraph 4: Explain how i am Adj 1 + Adj 2 (eg. how i have the characteristic that will make me able to become a CEO)

Paragraph 5: Bring it all together as a conclusion

Find the attached first draft and start applying the same structure to the first draft, make it a longer version 3 pages.

No sources just use your own words. Use meduim level words

Thank you

An essay about dream job

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