An sdg writing paper

An sdg writing paper.

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Please write a paper on your Opinion of the SSDG. The paper must include 250 words minimum. Please use the questions below to help guide your writing.

Please include the answers to the following questions in your paper:

What was the most shocking part of the report for you?

What was a result/ achievement/ loss that made you feel happy? upset?

What SDG were more addressed than others? why do you think?

How many countries have worked towards achieving the goals? how many have not? how many do you think are trying?

Choose a goal and a country that presented results for that specific goal – what helped them reach that goal ? provide one example of an effort that country worked on for that goal you choose.


Use the attached 2019 SDG report that was a result of the 24-25 September SDG Summit AND the SDG 2019 Stat report that includes the company profiles (starting on page 80) as your references.

An sdg writing paper

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