analysis paper

analysis paper.

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Select ONE of the following questions to reflect upon in a full and complete manner.

  • The film on fast fashion brings us to the idea of “Whose Reality Counts” in globalization. Use your paper to critically evaluate whose reality currently counts in globalization. Do changes need to be made? If so, discuss. If not, discuss. Be sure to use information from both your text and the film to fully build your argument.
  • Bonilla Silva provides 4 categories from which we can analyze this idea of color-blind racism. First, define each of these using your own words. Next, provide examples from your own experience, films, news, etc. that demonstrates each concept fully. Finally, DuBois notes that racism is like “chains on our souls.” What do you think he means by this? What do we need to do to release society from these chains if we consider race as social structure?
  • There are many professions and industries that profit from the social construction of the idealized body in the United States as demonstrated in the film Miss Representation. Select either 1 profession or 1 industry and discuss the ways they continue to perpetuate the idealized body or either men or women. What are their methods? In what ways are they successful? How might we combat these industries or professions in terms of their participation in the construction of the idealized body? Further, what examples from the film can you use to make your argument? Be sure to think about the different bodies of feminist work that you read that may help you create this sociological argument.

analysis paper

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