Analyze works by Henri Matisse

Analyze works by Henri Matisse.

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– choose 2 artworks by Henri Matisse

– the artworks have to be from between 1890-1950

– do research on the works

– based on the research, explain what you believe the works are about and how they relate to 1 of the 4 themes, do this for each work

– the 4 themes are: man’s relationship to himself, man’s relationship to his community, man’s relationship to nature, and the role of undeserved suffering in the human condition

– 5 pages, double spaced

– 4 sources, no Wikipedia

– have a point of view: find a theme, or idea about the work. explain what the artist(Matisse) is trying to say through their artwork

– put thesis and all main ideas in first paragraph, use first paragraph to say how you intend to prove and outline how you plan to do it

– make sure every sentence in the paper always connects back to the thesis in some way

– use concluding paragraph to talk about why and what interested you about the subject you’ve chosen

Analyze works by Henri Matisse

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