Analyzing Problems of Everyday Life

Analyzing Problems of Everyday Life.

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What was that about? Why do they keep doing this thing that’s not working? They always do this. Everyday life is usually familiar, habitual — those happenings and practices we rarely take notice of. But breakdowns happen. These can include, but aren’t limited to, miscommunication, mistreatment, problematic patterns, marginalization, or devaluation of that which you value. This project asks you to identify a breakdown and use tools from the course to gain insight. For this writing, you will choose one breakdown, observe and describe it in thoughtful detail, and analyze the situation using two different theories from the list I will give you. Conclude by reflecting on what you have learned in the course. For this project, a breakdown can be any situation you find problematic. Process

1. Plan and observe: Choose the problematic situation you want to analyze. Write notes on your memories of the situation. Carefully observe and make notes about people, practices, and spaces related to the situation. Choose the two readings you would like to use to shed light on why the situation happened.

2. Write a 1 page note to me and explaining the problematic situation, your observations to date, why it is important or interesting to you, and what readings you think you might draw on to shed light on the problem.

3. Write up the final deliverable: Your final project will be a report with the following four sections. The format should be 12 pt double spaced with 1-inch margins:

I. Description of the problematic situation: Who and what practices did it involve? What details of the situation offer clues or evidence for understanding what happened and why? Offer evidence from your notes and observations. (1-1.5 pages)

II. Analysis using the first reading from the course (1 page)

III. Analysis using the second reading from the attachment(1 page)

IV. Reflection on how what you observed and analyzed is different from how you would have understood the situation before do the reading (1-1.5 pages)

V. Appendix: Notes on your observations

I will send some concepts in attachement, please find any concepts you will like to use, after you tell me which concept you gonna use I will send you the related reading materials.

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Analyzing Problems of Everyday Life

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