and future role of forensic accounting in prevention and detection of corporate frauds

Dear writer,

I want the quotation for the following work. This is a Phd thesis chapter (Empirical study- Interviews). I have already completed literature review.

I want forensic accountants, auditors, and lawyers dealing with financial crimes to be interviewed in 4 countries. Pakistan, Srilanka, the UK, and the US
The sample size is 15 interviews in each country which makes it 60 interviews
The interviews can be face-to-face or via teams and zoom.
I will need the audio and written (word document) transcriipt of the interviews for the proof if asked by supervisors or business school
I will need an interview analysis using Nvivo or any other software (Ph.D. level analysis) with around 8500 words.
The analysis should contain charts, pie charts, diagrams, tables, and visual presentations.
The approved questions will be only provided once we agree on the price.
The time duration is till 31st August 2022.
I will need monthly reports and reviews. I will need time to time updates and probably interview transcriipts. I will require this for my supervisor’s review. if any work is required related to EMPIRICAL CHAPTER (Interviews). I will need your help

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