Animal adaptations for survival (Panda)

Animal adaptations for survival (Panda).

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The animal I chose is Panda! (Focus on adaptation)

1. Write a 6-9 double-spaced, typed research paper on the various adaptations that animals evolve for survival in particular habitats. These adaptations can include behavioral and physiological adaptations.


– Describe background for the animal that you have chosen. This background should include classification of the organism and also a description of the habitat in which it lives. Describe the variables of the habitat in which the organism must adapt to for survival. Give brief description of the niche that your organism fills in its habitat.


-Describe the various ways, either physiological or behavioral in which the organism is adapted for its environment. How do each of the various adaptation increase the survival of the organism. If it is a physiological adaptation how does it differ from the “normal”. You should than also include the description of the role that it plays in its environment, expand as to what would happen if the organism were to go extinct from the habitat. How would the environment change? Which organisms would be impacted?


-Briefly summarize what you have discussed above. Expand on the importance that each animal has to its ecosystem and how this impacts human populations.


-A minimum of 4 reputable citations (these should not be Wikipedia, facts on file etc.) (USE GOOGLE SCHOLARS)

-You may use books, journals, magazines, and any website ending in .edu, .gov,

-However, any info taken from a website must have an author. If no author is given, then it is an inappropriate source for a college paper. Information from sources with no author will not count toward your points in the project.


-Try to avoid websites whenever possible. If you use a website use one that is authored. Focus on using books and primary literature.

-When citing the work in the text, you should put the author’s last name and the year of the publication in parentheses.

Animal adaptations for survival (Panda)

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