Annual Performance Evaluation

Annual Performance Evaluation.

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he annual performance review is the most commonly recognized control management tool. It is also the most feared by employees.

You are the Branch Manager for a regional bank, and it is the dreaded annual performance review/evaluation/appraisal time. You have recognized that mostly employees dislike annual reviews and that they often cause anxiety and fear. Therefore, you have decided to adjust the process to focus more on the employee’s strengths and opportunities in order to motivate and inspire your employees for the year to come.

You will be creating an annual review for your employee (see scenario below) from the template attached here Click for more options

Scenario: The employee’s name is Nancy Reinhart, and she has been with the bank for 7 years. Nancy started as a teller at the bank, but has had 2 promotions (to head teller and assistant manager) since she started. In that time, she has always taken on new roles and responsibilities when asked. She has also sought out specific roles, tasks, and learning opportunities in order to learn and grow with the organization. She has always met and exceeded her sales and customer service expectations.

Despite Nancy always meeting her goals, the branch has not met its sales goals this year. One of Nancy’s primary responsibilities is the training and development of the account managers (members of the sales team) that report to her.

Nancy has always been very involved in the local community; however, this year it seems that she has pulled back on her involvement in organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce.

Given this information, complete the performance evaluation template with the mindset of highlighting her strengths and motivating her for the upcoming year.

Annual Performance Evaluation

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