Answer 5 Questions – 300 words and 2 references for each answer.

Answer 5 Questions – 300 words and 2 references for each answer..

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All questions must be answered in context of Agile Project Management. Please research on the topics in the context of project management and specifically Agile project management. All answers to be 300 words and with 2 references from literature. Some questions have a reference sentence for hints. The course is Project Control methods in Project Management, so all answers must in this context.

Question 1: Discuss how inadequate stakeholder management may affect the project outcome and how best can the project manager prevent any adverse outcomes.

Many projects fail because the project manager is unable to effectively manage the sometimes hidden and conflicting agendas of the various project stakeholders (J. Sutterfield et. al, 2006).

Question 2: Discuss the challenges of Scope Definition and the role of Stakeholder Participation in Scope Definition

While adequate front-end project planning with clear project scope definition can alleviate the potential for cost overrun, inadequate project planning and poor scope definition can lead to expensive changes, delays, rework, cost overruns, schedule overruns, and project failure. Therefore, having a well-defined project during the pre-project planning stage is crucial for successful project execution and for achieving a satisfactory project outcome.

This cannot be done without involving all stakeholders in defining the project from early phases. Collecting stakeholders’ opinions about the project outcome after its completion when their involvement is limited, is useless (K. Fageha et al., 2012).

Question 3: There is often confusion between the Project Budget and the Cost Estimating. Discuss the differences and the similarities between the two.

PMBOK® Guide describes the cost estimate as the monetary resources needed to complete project activities whereas the budget is the aggregate of the estimated costs to establish the authorised cost baseline.

Question 4: Discuss the benefits and limitations of using PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) for project scheduling and control.

Question 5: Discuss your views on the accuracy of the statement based on your experience, or, if you have little relevant experience referring to the relevant literature.

‘Deliberate ignorance of risk-related information characterised by taboos and suspension of belief appear to demote risk management to an administrative exercise having no or only little impact on the project outcome’ (Kutsch & Hall 2010).

Answer 5 Questions – 300 words and 2 references for each answer.

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