Answer all 5 Essay questions

Answer all 5 Essay questions.

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Course name: Business Ethics


1. Business Ethics Now, A.W. Ghillyer 5 edition. McGraw-Hill Publishers

2. Taking side clashing views in Business Ethics and Society. 15th edition.

Essay Questions – Answer all 5 questions.

Please answer the below 5 essay questions completely, and make sure to deliver an original and high-quality work, as this paper going to be checked by Turnitin website for plagiarism. No specific paper limit is required, but it sopped to be not exceeded 4-5 pages for all the 5 essay questions.

Answer all the 5 essay questions:

  • Describe what Tom Friedman means by the Olive Tree. Give an example to illustrate your answer. What safeguards do you think could be put in place to preserve the olive tree in the face of economic globalization?
  • What can we learn from eastern philosophy that could help guide us in making ethical business decisions? Please give several examples.
  • You have been asked to join a team that has been tasked with the development of an ethics training program for your organization. What would your recommendations be?
  • Please discuss why it can be helpful to involve employees in decision making. Does your commitment increase when you are involved in decisions? Please state why you either agree or disagree. How may employee participation positively impact organizational ethics?
  • Of the documentaries that we have seen: Group Think, Living 30 Days on Minimum Wage, Enron the Smartest Guys in the Room, Food Inc. and Inequality for All which were the most significant to your learning? Please explain why.

To help you writing the answer of the 5 essay questions, I have attached the following:

  • Chapters Key points from the textbook Business Ethics Now, A.W. Ghillyer 5 edition. McGraw-Hill Publishers for chapters 1 to 10 in two WORD files named (Textbook chapters Key point 1-5 & Textbook chapters Key point 6-10)
  • Additional to the 10 chapters key points, also we discussed in the class 10 articles from the 2nd textbook Taking side clashing views in Business Ethics and Society. 15th edition.
    • The discussed articles were as following:
      • Will Robots Help the American worker
      • Is Increasing Economic Inequality a Serious Problem?
      • Is Minimum Wage Justified?
      • Is Increasing Profits the Only Social Responsibility of Business
      • Are the Risk of Derivatives Manageable
      • Is the Consumer Financial protection Bureau (CFPB) a Necessary Regulation agency?
      • Must We Cut CO2 Emissions to Save Our Environment?
      • Is Employer Monitoring of Employee Social Media Justified?
      • Does Morality Require Us to Switch to Driverless Car?
      • Should Big Pharma Be Permitted to Set Its Own Price Strategy?

Please note that these 10 article were discussed in the class but I didn’t attached them, as I think you can find the answers of all the 5 essay questions from the 2 files that I have attached below.

Finally, this work must be done in less than 3 days

Answer all 5 Essay questions

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