Answer Case Study!!

Answer Case Study!!.

I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and need an explanation.

A hospital in a small town in middle America has been struggling with an information system intended to store patient records. Problems include: complicated data entry , confusing data organization and inability to retrieve data that relate to common populations served by the hospital. So far ,healthcare providers who have been trained in accessing data include physicians, nurses and pharmacists. The proprietary system’s technicians have been called in as consultants to help to figure out how to work with the system. Identify four priorities for consultants and propose at least one possible solution for each. Who should have been included in the team that assessed systems before one was chosen ?Why…..

Provide a response in a Word document of 350 to 500 words and APA Style writing. Support your discussion with evidence from the professional literature. Two (2) peer reviewed journal articles required.


Answer Case Study!!

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