Answer QUESTIONS for Task 3 Calss Strategies (TILL)

Answer QUESTIONS for Task 3 Calss Strategies (TILL).

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Task # 3

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1. What programs and services do you have for students with special needs in your facility?

2. Why did you want to become a special education teacher?

3. How would you describe the special education classroom 10 years ago, 5 years ago and today? What differences would you see as noteworthy?

4. Identify and explain what special education programs are essential in schools today.

5. How would you address the issue of minority overinclusion in special education?

6. How realistic is the expectation that the majority of our special education students can meet the new standards?

7. If a parent came to you and complained that a teacher is not meeting the needs of his child, how would you respond?

8. How do you delineate the fine line between behaviors caused by a disability and those requiring appropriate punishment?

9. There is much research to support a more inclusive approach to special education: a) What model(s) do you feel would be particularly successful? b) Where would you introduce such a program?

10. How would you handle the fine line between parental involvement and interference in their child’s special education program?

11. Reflect on an experience in education which was a significant challenge or problem and explain how you solved the problem and how you arrived at your solution.

Answer QUESTIONS for Task 3 Calss Strategies (TILL)

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