Answer the 4 questions

Answer the 4 questions.

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Question 1,2,3 use the PowerPoint I send you

Question #1

Describe the process of infection and the factors that increase your risk for infectious diseases.

Question #2

Explain how your immune system protects you, factors that diminish its effectiveness, and what you can do to boost its effectiveness.

Question #3

Describe the most common pathogens infecting humans today, key diseases caused by each, and the threat of growing antimicrobial resistance as well as individual- and community- based strategies for preventing and control of infectious diseases.

Question #4

Find an contemporary (2009 – 2019) article Online, Magazine, or Newspaper about !!Sexually Transmitted Infections!!!For this assignment you will include a paragraph summary of the article. Be sure to attach the link/source

Answer the 4 questions

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