Answer these 4 questions

Answer these 4 questions.

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

question 1,2,3 use the PowerPoint I send you to answer the

Question #1

Explain the suspected causes of cancer, and identify which risks are preventable, given current knowledge in the field.

Question #2

Describe the different types of cancer and the risk they pose to people at different ages and stages in life, as well as key actions to prevent cancer development.

Question #3

Discuss some of the most current and effective methods of cancer detection and treatment, including areas of significant progress, future challenges, and patient considerations.

Question #4

Find an contemporary (2009 – 2019) article Online, Magazine, or Newspaper about Sexuality / Reproductive choices!!! For this assignment you will include a paragraph summary of the article. Be sure to attach the link/source

Answer these 4 questions

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