Apaformat2026 referencepages

Apaformat2026 referencepages.

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Requirements For Family Systems Project

The Family Systems project

If you cannot do a genogram per computer (there are websites for genograms)

The content of the project will consist of:

o A family genogram (3 generations)

  • which includes all the members of your family and identifies significant alliances among the various members
  • the relationship you had as a child with each person
  • your relationship with each member now

o Cites and discusses at least 2 family systems theories to support dynamics of family genogram

It is expected

o that the narrative be written in APA format

o that it is referenced with original sources

o that the genogram is neatly diagrammed and labeled

  • see Family Therapy Applied to the Case of Stan, Corey 9th ed. pp 452-455, (7th ed. pp 435-438) for an explanation of diagrammatic legends.

The posted Canvas project will be graded on:

o personal insight

o accuracy

o sentence and paragraph structure

o spelling

o scientific and analytical explanation and documentation

o quality of references

o overall comprehensive documentation

-Paternal Parents ( grandma decease 42 years giving birth , grandfather decease age 30 years-car accident)- total children: 4 kids- 2 boys and 2 girls . Only one living 69 years old-(male with 1 children)

– Maternal grandparents( grandfather decease age 39 years heart disease, grandma decease age 73 years diabetes) both had 2 children- 1 boy and 1 girl- both living

-My mom and dad- 4 children- 3 girls and 1 boys

Siblings each one of them I have one 1 kid.

Dad: Decease at age 50 years in car accident

Mom- Still living

Self: Single with no kids or hus

Apaformat2026 referencepages

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