Application testing and documentation

Application testing and documentation.

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research the following:

  • Application testing
  • Planning for documentation
  • Challenges in building a business application

Based on your research and the week’s readings, post your responses to the following discussion topics:

  • Imagine working on a tight budget that would allow only for limited testing. What multiple strategies would you employ to help you test as much as possible? How would these strategies provide you advantages in gathering more data?
  • Documentation is essential, but is often overlooked. In many companies, documentation is created by development teams, which may lead to very technical texts that are not useful to the average reader. How would you pick the team that will work on creating documentation?
  • The process of creating a business application from a research project is often difficult. What problems do you envision? What are some of the challenges that can probably be easily overcome? Which ones are the greatest? How can you ensure that the company’s research will produce value for the company, even though, typically, research is considered a shot in the dark?

Use APA format, cite references

Application testing and documentation

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