Applied Safety Training

Applied Safety Training.

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For the Applied Safety Training activity, complete the following:

  1. Determine a safety training topic that needs to be addressed by you, safety personnel, human resources, or supervisors within your work organization. If you are unable to do this or do not work for an organization, choose a required safety training requirement from the OSHA Standards and Training Guidelines (reviewed early in the module). If you cannot relate this to a work organization, develop a hypothetical situation/work case, but communicate this in your write-up.
  2. Identify why this training needs to be completed. In other words, develop and conduct a needs assessment and present this information supporting the need for the training.
  3. Develop and present a training plan in your write-up. You should discuss your intended audience, present your objectives for the training (make sure these objectives are written in a format that they can be evaluated), discuss how the training will be conducted and the proposed medium, along with a justification for the proposed methods.
  4. Develop a plan as to how you will evaluate your training program. Your evaluation plan should address how you plan to assess whether safety training objectives were met and should address the four levels established by Kirkpatrick’s method of evaluation. Further, discuss how you would assess return on investment for this training.

You should address the above four activities and present your write-up in the form of a technical report. This report should be presented in APA format. Citations should be made in the text and your paper should include all references. The paper can include bulleted items, figures, and tables. See APA format for these inclusions. This paper should be between 3-5 pages, not including cover, reference page, figures, etc.

Applied Safety Training

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