Applying visual methods in analyzing culture

Applying visual methods in analyzing culture.

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Applying visual methods in analyzing culture

Objective: Consider the role of ideas and ideology in the formation of culture, in religion,

in art, in urban legends, and memes.

What are the ideas that are espoused in the various contexts you examine?

For example, if you do a photo essay, what do the pictures have to do with presenting an ideological message; if you do a media analysis,what is the message the movie or tv show is propagating.

This project is based on the chapter entitled Applying Visual Methods in Ethnographic Research (S. E. Bird 2007)


Using the guidelines in chapter 12 of (Angrosino, Doing Cultural Anthropology: Projects for Ethnographic Data Collection, Second Edition, 2007) select ONE of the visual methods listed and follow the instructions for that project.

Complete the recommended assignment, with reference to the questions asked in the assignment, as described.

This project is intended to give you a chance to be creative and/or to think critically about the ideas and the media that you consume.

Please use Chicago style

Applying visual methods in analyzing culture

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