Argumentative essay about dating apps

Argumentative essay about dating apps.

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Technology and new media are playing an increasingly large role in our lives. From cell phones to Instagram to iPods, technological innovations are changing the way we interact, work, study, relax and negotiate public spaces.

You will choose one piece of technology (or new media phenomenon) and analyze the impact that piece of technology has made on society. You will argue whether the impact has been more beneficial or detrimental to its users. Your task is to address the writing prompt by composing an argumentative essay. The essay should show an understanding of how to take a clear position and provide support from source material. Your essay should also include a counterargument and refutation. 5-6 complete pages, double-spaced, PLUS Works Cited

Sources: A minimum of 6 sources, 2 must show the counterargument1) An original thesis statement making an argument about your piece of technology. Your thesis could address any one of the following questions:

• How has/will this technology affect human relationships? Is it helping bring people together or is it pushing people apart? Is there a way in which this technology lessens the “quality” of interactions we have with one another?

• U.S. residents have some of the highest levels of stress of any nation in the world. Is this piece of technology increasing the amount of stress in our everyday lives or lessening it? In what ways might this technology affect stress levels?

• Has this technology affected the experience of U.S. undergraduates? If so, in what ways?

• How has/will this technology affect global politics or economics?

• Does this technology widen or diminish race/class/gender inequalities? If so, in what ways? Who has or does not have access to this new technology?

• How has this technology reduced or increased the amount of privacy we have over our personal information? What role should the government play in regulating information availability?

2) Evidence drawn from at least 6 sources. 2 sources must show the counterargument. You must include in your sources at least: 1 book, 1 scientific journal article and 1 “pop” science article.

Argumentative essay about dating apps

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