Argumentative Paper

Argumentative Paper.

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Paper 3 Prompt

Paper three is about the understanding of warrants and how they work in relation to the creation of arguments. I want you to find three different articles (scholarly or non-scholarly) about one topic. At least one of the articles must disagree with the other two. Give me the main claim, evidence, and warrants, for each of the three articles. Make sure to give me the citation and reasoning for why you think each of these pieces are what you think they are. Argue your points. If you are strapped for pages, you can work in some conversation on the effectiveness of the articles’ arguments.

Then, examining the warrants, decide why you think these papers see the world and interact the way that they do. Do the authors hold inherently different viewpoints about the world? Do they mostly come from the same point of view but feel differently about one specific concept? This part requires a little bit of deductive reasoning, so do not be afraid to guess. I won’t tell you you’re wrong. If you can find no connection between the warrant and the reason for interaction, perhaps reexamine if the piece interacts the way you thought.

Finally, tell me which of the warrants you agree with the most and why you agree with that warrant. Is there something about your upbringing that makes you agree with it, is there something wrong with the other warrants? What makes this warrant effective to you? Why do you think you believe the way that you do about this particular topic? Do you think that there’s a way you could believe a different warrant. Personal experience and individual reasoning is fine here, but try to keep it relevant to the question. This part can be your conclusion.

This paper requires:


Standard MLA format, with in-text citations

6-8 pages (Not including Bibliography, though a Bibliography should be included)

Clean, well-edited prose and engaging ideas.

Argumentative Paper

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