Art assignment


For this unit’s assignment you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation about the following work of art:

  • Large Kneeling Statue of Queen Hatshepsut (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA);

Refer to the helpful tips in researching this individual work of art at the bottom of these assignment instructions.

Address the following topic areas in a few sentences each. Provide at least one slide for each topic area. Your completed presentation should have a minimum total of 8 slides.

Slide 1. Begin with a title slide indicating the name of the artwork you have chosen, your name, and the date.

Slide 2. Paste an image of the artwork, and insert identifying information in caption format. Identifying information includes artist’s name, name of artwork, year created, medium, size (if known), and current location of the artwork. Include a citation indicating the source of the image.

You must include an image of the artwork on this slide. Pasting images into subsequent slides is optional. If you choose to insert additional images on subsequent slides, be sure to provide as much identifying information as you can. Include a citation indicating the source of the image.

Slide 3. Explain why you chose this artwork. What about it appeals to you?

Slide 4. Identify the medium of the work. That is: what is it made of? Briefly describe the method used to create it. That is: how was it made?

Use terminology from the Methods and Materials of Sculpture section of the course textbook included in this unit’s required resources (pages 247–255).

Slide 5. Why do you think this artwork was created? How was it originally used? How is it used today?

Slide 6. Describe at least one visual element you see in this sculpture. Indicate exactly where in the sculpture you see this visual element.

Slide 7. Describe at least one principle of design you see in this sculpture. Indicate exactly where in the sculpture you see this principle of design.

Slide 8. Conclude your presentation with a references slide listing all research sources used in APA Style. Include among citations the sources of all images pasted in your presentation.

Proof your text for spelling/typographical/grammar errors before submitting.

Use information from this unit’s required resources and the course textbook to research the artwork. We strongly encourage you to search the CSU Online Library for journal articles about your chosen artwork. You may also search the Web, but be sure to use only reliable websites such as Khan Academy/SmartHistory, museum websites, and other websites ending in .edu or .gov.

To research the individual objects, it is recommended students consult the website of the museum or other location where the object is held. Be sure to scroll down each page to find additional information and resources about the object. For example, the Large Kneeling Statue of Queen Hatshepsut is held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Additionally, students may find information about an object on another museum’s website. Generally this is true for the major museums (in the larger American cities) that have expansive collections that often overlap the collections of objects of the same type or by the same creator found in smaller museums. It is advisable to search the websites of these major museums (such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art) for similar objects and/or creators’ names.

Please note that in searching the Internet, it is vitally important that students do not use Wikipedia as a source of information. However, it is acceptable to mine Wikipedia entries for footnotes, bibliographic notes, and external links to reliable academic sources.

Wikipedia is a website containing content that is collaboratively changed. This collaborative editing may be performed by individuals who may or may not be proficient or learned in the subject on which they are making commentary. The uncensored and unverified opinions contained in and on the Wikipedia website cannot be used for substantiating hypotheses or conclusions. Therefore, Wikipedia absolutely cannot be used as a source in reference citations, quotes, scholarly work, or assignments.

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