Art assignment

Art assignment.

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Analyze and Apply the concepts to examples.

Pick 2 images and mark them up to show the elements used in the work. Create a simplified version by placing main shapes used and/or the implied shapes (as in videos with shapes- example below). You can either create the images online (ex. powerpoint, pages-be sure to export to word doc, google) or print out and mark up by hand ( lines in marker or cut paper). Then photograph , scan or attach the hand drawn work. Submit a jpg or pdf with a concise, typeddescription (pdf, doc or docx) of the analysis of the elements you highlighted or marked up. Show the main design element or elements of the composition, line, shape, Mass and Space, and describe the EFFECT of those elements, mood, pace, etc. Do NOT give me a narrative description, as in They are sitting at table… 20 points

example of shape analysis Guernicaexample


Black man and boy sitting at a table

The thankful Poor by Henry Osawa Tanner

Horses on a road with hunter

Relay Hunting by Rosa Bonahuer

children with sunflowers

Sunflowers by Diego Rivera

Judith beheading Holofernes

Judith beheading Holofernes by Carravaggio

drawing of a road and trees

Road in Etten by Vincent Van Gogh


Value Pattern is the organization of lights and darks in a composition. It is one method of moving the viewer through the work by either light suggested shapes or dark suggested shapes.

View the Value Pattern Powerpoint AnalyzeValueShort.pptx (also offered as pdf AnalyzeValueShort.pdf ). There are 10 slides. Make a value pattern analysis of each.

Use the following method: ValuePatternEx.pdf

Set up your paper like this: IMG_3364.jpg

You can do it by hand and take a picture and upload jpgs or pdf as we did for the collage, or you can do it digitally and attach and submit jpgs or pdf only.

Art assignment

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