Art Experience

Art Experience.

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Why Art? Artists, art movements, and philosophical and theological questions have informed our discussions. Choose a topic/artist /concern to inform your research paper. Your topic should address the question, Why Art?, but can be manifested in many forms such as:

• Why art reflects?

• Why art confronts?

• Why art is vital?

• Why art contradicts?

• Why art inspires?

• Why art attacks?

• Et cetera… .

You may choose to write an argumentative paper in which your aim is to persuade the reader with a clear thesis statement and supporting research, or an analytical research paper where you conduct exploration and investigation around your chosen topic. The analytical paper offers a critical interpretation of primary and secondary sources throughout the paper, and does not attempt to persuade the reader of a particular stance. For either paper, you should have a clear thesis statement that guides your paper and focuses your research. The following are required:

• At least 1000 word, typed (1” margins, 12 pt. font, 1.5-spaced, Times New Roman, MLA Formatting).

• At least 2 artists and/or art pieces must be referenced as examples or counter examples that support your thesis. Color digital reproductions must be included within the body of the text, where appropriate to your paper.

• At least 2 other sources (periodicals, books and/or reputable online resources) must be cited in your research. These should support and/or counter your argument; additionally, they do not have to reference art, necessarily, but can address relevant topics concerning your thesis (philosophy, history, etc).


the artist

Lalla Essaydi


The image of the muslims women and how the culture effect on them , show their reality . and how the culture effect them even in their image and their identity.

create a new visual identity for Arab women and the importance of self-representation to that task

The women power (Islamic visual traditions as well. Arabic calligraphy, or beautiful writing, is a noble art and associated closely with copying the Qur’an, the Muslim holy book. As a woman, Essaydi has had to teach herself calligraphy)

Art Experience

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