Art History: How To Create An Abstract Painting Movement

Art History: How To Create An Abstract Painting Movement.

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How To Create An Abstract Painting Movement


You work for the government of a small country ravished by the forces of globalization. Most of your country’s artists have emigrated to faraway metropolitan art centers. Sophisticated art was produced in your land long ago, but all of the finest works of this art have been exported on the international art market. Native cultural traditions have degenerated to clichéd tourist souvenirs and the only local artists left are Andy Warhol wannabes. Your boss, the Minister of Culture has asked you to write a report titled “How To Create an Indigenous Abstract Painting Movement: Lessons From Rufino Tamayo, V.S.Gaitonde, and Sadamasa Motonaga” (I recommend that you change this title to better reflect your recommendation) to provide stimulating models for local artists to create a sense of indigenous artistic identity.
Write a 4-page ( that is approximately 1600 words at 1.5 space) paper offering at least three suggestions for how to create an indigenous painting movement. Consider artistic strategies that individual painters could use as well as policies that government officials could implement. Use at least three examples of paintings that demonstrate your suggestions, one from each of the following: Tamayo, Gaitonde, Motonaga. Cite the painting accurately by artist, title, medium (e.g., oil on canvas), and date. Include at least six brief quotations from the sources listed below (including at least one source from each of the three texts). Use the quotations to explain your suggestions. Indicate the source of the quotation by author and page number in parenthesis. For example: (Indych-López, p.350). Make sure your writing is concise and understandable.

Art History: How To Create An Abstract Painting Movement

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